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How to get started studying with kanji Flow:

Next, you can check out this YouTube playlist for a bit more guidance as well as a complete written tutorial for some long-term study advice.

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300 Kanji in 30 Days

This guide is available along with a detailed appendix on the app’s options and settings (12) on Apple Books (free):

The apps recommended in this guide are only available for iPhone and iPad.

Almost anyone can appreciate the aesthetic appeal of Japanese calligraphy.

But, if you’re studying the Japanese language, kanji can also be terrifying.

Thousands of seemingly random combinations of lines; how will you ever remember them all?

Well, they aren’t random. Kanji is a writing system that has been developed and refined over thousands of years in China and further refined by the Japanese when they imported it to their language.

Because the kanji are systematic in nature, you should study them in a systematic manner.

This guide is for the upper beginner to lower intermediate student of Japanese. You should already know some Japanese words. You probably already know a few kanji. Perhaps you’ve already forgotten a lot of the kanji that you studied in the past.

I’m gonna show you how to stop forgetting and study kanji the easy way. Continue reading “300 Kanji in 30 Days”



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